In 2017, I built a home with James Ray Construction. (Shown above) It is a
GORGEOUS home. Big covered porches front and back, charcoal metal
roof accents, vertical AND horizontal hardiboard siding…. Complete with a
faux brick chimney AND black gooseneck barn lights. Since about that
time….. I bet over 50% of the homes in every new neighborhood in
the Magic Valley with a VERY similar look…. I sold that home in 2019 and
bought a ranch-style brick home with a basement built in the 70’s….. I
painted it…… WHITE with black shutters and black sconces. I blame
JoAnna Gaines but, in reality, her farmhouse was always white and built
WAY before 2017. This brings me to my whole point.

A white farmhouse has always been a beautiful choice…. It is ALL the
things: traditional, a little craftsman, timeless, clean, warm, bold, low
maintenance, and right now… even modern.

In about 30 years, we will be pointing at a white farmhouse on a city lot and
say…. “I bet that was built in 2020. Just like we do the single-level split
floorplan with gold hinges”…. “Oh I bet that was built in the very end of
1900 or very beginning of the 2000”. However, the difference is that we will have heart eyes like the emoji instead of a turned-up nose. It will always be adorned, and the look will never fade as a favorite.

The BEST part is that if you ever get sick of it…. Hardi can be entirely changed with a fresh coat of paint for about $4k….. Thank youuuuuu
modern technology and housing materials.